Julia Ogden
What is your background?
My background is in illustration. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art for my Degree and Brighton University for my Masters, both in Illustration. I started to paint after University and for a long time that was my main medium. I now draw in pen/pencil and screen print.
Who and what inspires you? 
I am inspired by nature and the changing seasons. I am lucky enough to live in Hebden Bridge where the countryside is on my doorstep.
deer and stars
What do you love most about what you do? 
I love the freedom of being able to develop my ideas and really just being lost in painting or drawing. I also teach drawing and painting. I get great joy from seeing people grow in confidence and seeing their beautiful artwork.
Who taught you to draw?
My Dad always encouraged me to draw and I gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration from him . I loved art at school but my teacher was not very supportive. I went to New College in Huddersfield hoping it would be better and it was! After a great experience at New College I did an art foundation at Leeds College of Art. My tutor there was great and it felt a very exciting time; drawing every day-perfect.
hebden park with 2 x birds
What products do you have?
I produce hand printed cushions, notebooks, greetings cards, bunting and postcards. I also make paintings and drawings.
You do workshops with children, tell us about this? 
I run a Saturday art club from my studio in Hebden Bridge. I teach lots of art techniques including; drawing, mono printing, collage, painting and 3D crafts. It is a drop in session; I just email the parents each week to let them know what is coming up. It is £10 per child and is on at 10.30-12.
I also host craft parties for children’s birthdays. I usually fit the art activity around the child’s interest. Past party themes have included; fairies, Harry Potter, Flowers, Moomins and Minions.
birds and park
What is your favourite season? 
I like the changing seasons, so I like something about all of them. Autumn is particularly beautiful though.

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